How to View Grades





    Your OCCC grades for this semester, and for previous semesters as well, can be obtained by using OCCC’s MineOnline system according to the procedure that follows.

          1)  Go to and select "Mine Online/Student Records" under Quick Links on the left side of the home page.

          2)  Select the gray "Log In" tab at the top right of the Web Advisor Main Menu page that appears.

          3)  Enter your user ID as   firstname.m.lastname    (where "m" is your middle initial; all that may have to be lower case--it works all lower case, anyway, whether it’s necessary or not).

          4)  Enter your password; it's the same password as your OCCC email account and is defaulted to the last 6 digits of your SSAN the last time I looked, but the default seems to change from time to time.

          5)  Select the Current Students button/icon from the screen that appears.

          6)  In the Academic Profile section, click the "Grades" link.

          7)  From the table of semesters (Terms) that appears, click the radio button corresponding to this semester.

          8)  View your grade in APPM 1313 and other courses you took this semester, if any.

          9)  You can also use the "Transcript" link in step 6) to see all your OCCC grades over time in unofficial transcript form.

    If your grade differs from the grade you reasonably expected, contact me immediately for more information and for possible correction of the grade.