Events of the “Naught”-ies (2000s)

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             Carri began teaching Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra at Oklahoma City Community College this fall.  She’s pictured here with one of her students in her classroom.

              image002      Here’s Carri’s first school picture as a full-time pre-K teacher.


                  image016      The kids have graduated.  Here’s the scene at the OU stadium, and the BSME grad himself with his parents.  Also, here’s the scene at the OCU gym and the M. Ed. grad with her family and friends-and-family.

                  image017    Mom and Dad, who are OKCCC adjunct faculty, participated in OCCC’s graduation, too.

                  image018   Look what came in the mail!  (That’s an Honors seal on the lower right, folks.)



                  Chuck-Montessori_Training  Sue-Montessori_Training  Chuck, Sue, and Carri participated in summer Montessori teacher training classes at OCU.

                  Carri-Primary_Montessori_Training     Montessori_Math_Materials

                   Harbor_Winn's_Psych_Class  IMG_1784, Carri's_Pond_Life_Work  


                  2367-04A, Carri_n_Dustin    Carri and Dustin married just before Christmas 2003, a week after Carri graduated from OU.

                  AKZOMAN_Salute   After 25 years in Oklahoma City, the medical laboratory instrument factory now owned by bioMeriéux, Inc. (formerly, Akzo Nobel’s Organon Teknika) was closed and combined with the bMx manufacturing facility in St. Louis.  On the Very Last Day, 30-Dec-2003, the Engineering/QA/ IT skeleton crew, shown here in a final Akzo-man salute, said their goodbyes and padlocked the doors.  Thanks go to LVGrade for the pics.

               Into_the_corporate_dustbin   “For years we designed.  Today we de-signed.”


 Carri M.Ed. Diploma               Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

                  image019        Have a look at one of my favorite places on the planet, the Palo Duro Canyon.

                  image020   Here’s some information about Amarillo High School and its former location on Polk Street in Amarillo, Texas.

                  image021      Those who are really bored may wish to peruse my resume.



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