Chuck Oates

01 April 2007

Norman, OK, USA

Thanks, Guys!

I was sitting here a while ago kinda feeling sorry for myself.  Ten of my 35 Math for HC students in one section have dropped BEFORE the third test (12 of 37 if you count the ones who got their money back).  The other section is an 8-weeker just getting started.  With Test 3 and its IV drip calculations and those awful four-part calculations coming Tuesday, so few people are seeking help with their calculations that I posted the following bulletin during on-line office hours tonight (Sunday):

"It's Math for Health Careers Happy Hour (on-line office hours, Sundays 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.), and I feel like the Maytag repair man! Anybody have a dosage calculation I can give 'em a hand with?"

As if by magic, within a minute or two I got a help request from a student who isn't on MySpace.  I also received the following a few minutes ago:

" [due] to your great class last semester I got 100 on my Pharmacology test!! Some of those calculations were out of this world ... without your class I would have been making C's like the rest of those folks... and that's not a good thing!"

And flipping back through my Inbox a week or three, there's:

"If it weren't for you I would be so lost in ... my dosage calculations class I have this semester  ... "

Thanks so much, guys!  The value of these kinds of comments far exceeds the compensation that comes in my pay envelope.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks also to several of you from last semester's classes who've messaged me with questions about pharmacology problems.  I hope the answers I e-mailed you and posted on helped. Those questions helped confirm what I already knew; that is, dimensional analysis is quite helpful in solving problems when one has never seen the particular type of problem before.  There's a LOT of power in the relatively easy-to-learn d.a. technique.

I wish all of you success in your studies and careers to follow.  It's been a pure pleasure--or at the very least QUITE interesting--teaching all of you.  ;^)

Prof. Oates

P.S.  Can we do "overs" on last semester.  I believe I learned more in that four months than I have in many, many moons.  --CLO