Chuck Oates

28 June 2008

Norman, OK, USA



Some Interesting Websites



Looking for Someone?


If you’re trying to find an old friend from school or your second cousin three times removed whom you met at a family reunion ages ago, here are some Web addresses that may help in your search.


To find those who are somewhat farther in the past, these may help.



Need Some General Information on the ‘Net?


Internet search engines can unearth a broad range of information.  Each has its own specialties and quirks, so you’ll often get very different results from each one.  This list of search engines are taken from an OCCC Study Skills class handout.  and  (Yahoo for Kids)



Have a Reference Question?


Reference sites can help find information that’s a bit too deeply imbedded (in databases and the like) for the general search engines to find..  These reference sites are also taken from an OCCC Study Skills list.


Acronym and Abbreviation Server


AT&T AnyWho Directory


Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations


Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms


Biographical Dictionary


CAST Bobby (Website Accessibility Issues) 


Information Please Almanac


Library of Congress


Map Quest (Maps, Directions to Businesses, Etc.)


National Address Server (Maps Addresses, Gives Zip+4 and Barcode)


Oklahoma Legal Research


OneLook Dictionaries


On-Line English Grammar


Semantic Rhyming Dictionary (Rhymes, Frequency of US Surnames, Etc.)


“What-is” Information Technology (IT) Encyclopedia



Need an Interesting Podcast?


Here’s a list of podcast sites from John Blinke’sSupplementally” department in the June 2008 Mensa Bulletin.  All the .mp3s you can handle.  Yeah, they’re geeky, but they’re good! 


Science and the City from the New York Academy of Science


The Naked Scientists Radio Show


National Public Radio:  Science Friday


Astronomy Cast


Astronomy Magazine


Scinece @ NASA Feature Stories


Nature Podcast


The History of Rome


CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks


60-Second Science (Scientific American Mag.)


Archaeology Channel


Brainstuff:  the Howstuffworks Podcast


Discovery Channel Features


The Discovery Files from National Science Foundation


Hidden Universe HD: NASA’s Spitzer [Infrared] Space Telescope


Internet Advisor Podcast


Lab Rats (Video)


Mayo Clinic – Medical Edge Radio


NASAcast Audio


National Geographic Atmosphere (Video)


National Public Radio Podcasts


QuackCast (Skeptical Evaluations of Alternative Medicine)


Scince Channel Features


Science Magazine





(more to come)