Chuck Oates

Norman, Okla.

Mid-March, 2007


A Simile, an Aphorism, and a Blurb


When my daughter Carri was growing up, I was sometimes called upon to try to mend a broken heart, or to at least make the pain more bearable until, with time, the heart could heal.  What follows is far from perfect, but sometimes it helps.

1)  [the simile]  Boys are like streetcars; there's another one along every few minutes.

2)  [the aphorism]  When all's said and done, it only takes ONE good one.

3)  [the blurb]  Everyone has heard the humorous saying, "To find your handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs."  Real life has a very unsettling inversion of this situation:  after being kissed several times, sometimes a handsome prince turns back into a frog.

     When this happens, see 1) and 2) above, and remember that before too long, a handsome prince will arrive who, when kissed many times, will trigger a still, small but insistent voice that says, "This is the young man with whom I want to

o  share my life
o  have my children and
o  grow marvelously, wonderfully old."

Marry this one.