Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Modest Proposal

A health care system based on prevention.  Now there's an idea.  Have a look at The Tennessean (Nashville) article and reader comments at .

Notice that NO support for anything like this is forthcoming from those with vested interests in the existing disease-curing, lawyer-enrichening, congress-purchasing, patient-impoverishing system.  That includes insurance companies, drug manufacturers (the legal ones), drug dealers (again, the legal ones), and hospitals.  The only way such a system will ever come into existence is for a ground swell of popular support to convince our statesmanless legislatures and executive branches that their members will be summarily voted out of office (the thing they fear most), despite the marketing efforts and vast campaign spending of both sides.** 

If you'd care to see what you're up against, contact these folks:

US House of Representatives, Oklahoma delegation with district

..> Boren, Dan, Oklahoma, 2nd

Cole, Tom, Oklahoma, 4th

Fallin, Mary, Oklahoma, 5th

Lucas, Frank, Oklahoma, 3rd

Sullivan, John, Oklahoma, 1st..>



US Senators, Oklahoma

Coburn, Tom- (R - OK)       Inhofe, James M.- (R - OK)

Good luck!


** Was it toothpaste marketers, perhaps, who sold us both our current President and his predecessor?  Where do they get these people?  Was either or both the result of an "I'll bet you I can get anyone you can name elected president" wager?