22 August 2007
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Google Sky
Try It, You'll Like It!

If you can't see the night sky any more because of Norman's Munificent Mile of Light Pollution (a.k.a:  Magnificent Mile of Cars) or similar city lights, there's a new version of Google Earth that includes a pretty good planetarium in the form of Google Sky.  There are lots of Hubble Space Telescope images (yeah!) and appropriately placed references to all sorts of astronomical data.  It's not as much fun as a dark night with a hefty telescope, but it's a pretty close second!

Have a look at descriptions at the addresses below.

You can download the latest Google Earth, incorporating Google Sky, at the address below.  Be sure to check the only the check boxes for Google stuff you want.  There's a LOT of free stuff at this address: .


Prof. Oates