Chuck Oates

            Friday, June 08, 2007

Norman, Oklahoma, USA


Current mood:  distressed

 Category: Life



Don't Ask


I won't ask "what next?" 


It now appears that yet another of our family income sources is coming to an abrupt end.  More details soon.  :^(


Maybe we can survive on our teaching salaries alone ("honoraria" is the usual term for such nominal amounts, I believe). 


Is the corner of Western and I-240  available for the afternoon?  Let's see ...


"Will write embedded systems software for food." 


"Will design hemodialysis machines for daily medications." 


"Will design automated jet engine test systems and mechanized materials handling systems for Diet Dr. Pepper." 


"Will teach neural network theory for peanuts." 


"Will teach assembler/machine language computer programming for sub-minimum wage" (already tried that one at OU 30 years ago, thanks just the same)


Vote for your favorite sandwich-sign slogan from those above--or send one of your own invention!  The winning entry will receive, in addition to my gratitude, a year's supply of Commons Broccoli (broccoli not quite raw, but not nearly done, either, as only the Rice Food Service's Central Kitchen can prepare it).




Maybe we could find some locusts and invite them over for a small plague!  No danger of the Canadian running red, though; it's been that color for some centuries now.  Haven't seen any swarms of frogs, but there ARE plenty of refugee terrapins lately!  Nor have I seen three days of continual darkness since the dust storms in the Texas Panhandle in the drought of the 1950s--but stay tuned!


I'm going back to bed now and pulling the covers up over my head.  Maybe I'd better check the structural integrity of the roof first!  :^)


Prof. Oates